Hot Wax VS Warm Wax

Hot Wax VS Warm Wax

With warmer weather is upon us, let us discuss the advantages of different types of wax for our home hair removal care.  Although both warm and hot wax have their benefits, let’s take a closer look into why we would choose one over the other. 

As you may be aware, waxing is an ancient hair removal method that dates back to at least the Egyptian era.  Waxing has evolved quite a bit since that time to include different textures and ingredients as well as application & removal methods.  

We begin with warm wax.  Warm wax usually consists of tree rosin and some type of oil.  In more recent times the addition of essential oils, colorants and thickening agents as well as synthetic waxes have made their way into the products.  Warm wax is best used when waxing larger areas such as, legs, arms, the chest and back.  This wax is applied in a thin to medium layer on the skin and removed with some form of cloth strip.  This wax has the ability to stick to even the finest baby hairs due to its very sticky texture.  When using quality wax, there will be little to no residue left after removal.  Because this wax sticks to the skin as well as the hair, quality is of utmost importance.  

Hot wax on the other hand works by hardening around the hair follicle and opening the follicle up with the heat.  Once the wax has dried around the hair, it is removed with the finger tips.  No strips required!  This type of wax is generally used on intimate areas including the bikini and underarms as well as sensitive skin on the face.  This wax works very well for thicker hair making the wax of choice for intimate areas. The temperature is key to having success with this type of wax.  This wax applied in a medium to thick layer, left to set for a few seconds and then removed with the fingers.  Due to hot wax’s unique texture, there is absolutely no residue left behind!  This also means quick and easy clean up.  

Now that you know the benefits of each wax and how to use them, you can feel confident in making the right choice that suits your needs.