Difference Between Waxing and Sugaring

Difference Between Waxing and Sugaring

In the world of hair removal, different waxing techniques can make it challenging when figuring out which method is right for you. Whether you want to remove hair from your bikini line or legs, waxing and sugaring are both hair removal techniques that have been around for a long time. Waxing involves removing the entire hair follicle from the root either alone or with a wax strip, while the sugaring technique involves applying the sugar paste onto the skin and removing it using a gloved hand.

Both of these waxing and sugaring methods are safe, and effective, and do not leave a film on your skin that may clog pores. However, waxing can sometimes be painful, especially when not done properly. Waxing and sugaring are different methods that each has its advantages and disadvantages.

How are Sugaring and Waxing Applied?

Before your waxing or sugaring session, it's good to get informed about what you're putting on your skin and how the application process works. If you have sensitive skin or low tolerance to pain, these can be deciding factors when narrowing down which method is better for you.


The sugar wax mixture consists of all-natural ingredients - lemon juice, water, and sugar. These ingredients are heated together, making a candy-like consistency which is then applied to the skin in the opposite direction of hair growth and removed in the same direction in which hair grows. A lot of people prefer sugaring over waxing due to the fact sugaring has fewer and more transparent ingredients and is more gentle on the skin.


Waxing mixtures may come as soft wax or hard wax. Soft waxes are made with mineral oil, honey, and pine resin that require either strips or cloth during the hair removal process. Hard waxes are applied directly to the skin in the same direction of hair growth and are then removed against the hair growth after cooling. They are made from oils, rosin, and beeswax. But beware of waxes that include additives and paraffin, which are derived from petroleum. This is because they aren't natural or environmentally friendly, so it's better to opt for waxes that have all-natural ingredients.

What to Consider?

When it comes to sugaring and waxing, there are a couple of things to consider before making your decision. First, let's take a look at what sets them apart from one another. Whether it's your first time waxing and you're considering sugaring or vice versa, both of these hair removal techniques can benefit you and give you the results you're looking for.

Skin type

If you have very sensitive skin, sugaring is probably the better method for you as it is a more gentle and natural hair removal process. There is less irritation and redness associated with sugaring compared to waxing.


When you wax consistently every 3 to 4 weeks, the hair will grow back finer and softer. Like wax, sugaring removes hair from the root and the rate at which hair grows back is slowed down. However, if you have thicker hair, it is harder to remove hair from the root through sugaring, which can lead to hair breakage and ingrown hairs. If you have been shaving for years, chances are the hair will grow back really thick, and it may be hard to grab all the hairs with sugaring until it grows in more.

Pain tolerance

Getting rid of unwanted body hair should be a painless process. However, you may be left with some discomfort, especially around your period since your hormones are at their peak. Depending on your pain level, this can make the waxing process hurt more. Waxing also requires you to tug at the skin more, which makes sugaring a less painful method.

The Takeaway

Your skin type and hair type can help you decide whether sugaring or waxing is better for you. If you have more sensitive skin and finer hair, it's best to stick to sugaring. If you have more coarse hair and don't have any skin sensitivities, then waxing is a good choice. No matter what you choose, you must have the proper prep and aftercare in place. This way you will be left with smooth skin and amazing results every time.